Selling your home may seem to be an overwhelming task. Here are just some of the questions you probably have:

How much is my home worth?

Is there a best time to sell my house?

What important factors should I consider when selling my house?

What should I do to get my house ready?

Should I make repairs?

What are my obligations to disclose?

Fortunately, there are good answers to each of these questions. So, what are they? Well, the answers are specific to your home and situation, requiring good analysis of the current market and careful consideration of your situation.

This is where I can help you. I will come and take a good look at your current house, ask you questions to get to know your goals and needs in selling your house, and answer all your questions. Then I’ll go and gather information about the housing market in your area and present this information to you. We’ll discuss what the best list price would be; what the expected sales price will most likely be; and the many ways that I’ll market your house.

When showings begin and offers come in, I’ll present each one to you and discuss the details in full, so that you can decide whether an offer should be accepted, countered or outright rejected. I’ll handle all the negotiating necessary for you to get a signed purchase agreement for your house.

Then I’ll stay with you every step of the way till we get the sale of your house closed.

So, give me a call today and let’s get your house SOLD!

Tony Amstutz

Tony Amstutz

Realtor / Associate Broker
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