Building New Just Makes Sense

Consider the following:

New homes are more energy efficient –
thanks to more efficient heating and cooling systems, better windows, controlled air infiltration and improved insulation, heating and cooling costs less.

New homes offer more luxury and convenience –
with state-of-the-art kitchens, high-efficiency HVAC systems, luxurious bathrooms with walk-in showers and whirlpool tubs.

New homes have imaginative designs –
with soaring ceilings, dramatic entrys, deluxe master baths, and creative use of space.

New homes have lots of light –
with innovative, strategically planned windows and skylights and a variety of spaces that make the home feel more open.

Stronger, quieter construction –
Extra bracing and framing anchors help brand new homes withstand high winds and storms. Also, new building materials make roofs and floors stronger and quieter than those in older homes. New kinds of trusses for roofs and floors increase strength and allow us to offer a much wider range of design possibilities.

Durable, low maintenance materials –
Granite Ridge knows about affordable, earth-friendly, low maintenance building materials that conserve natural resources without sacrificing comfort. For example, “engineered wood” – a synthetic composite lumber – uses half of the wood fiber of sawn lumber but is considered stronger than the conventional product. Other innovative materials – many of which are recycled – are also finding valuable uses in new-home construction.

Abundant storage space –
Granite Ridge realizes that storage space is something you crave. We’re responding with walk-in closets, built-in shelving and innovative storage areas.

Drier basements –
Granite Ridge has dramatically improved basement construction by using materials and techniques that resist cracking and by carefully designing drainage systems to help prevent leaks.

Fire protection and other safety measures –
Granite Ridge offers the latest smoke detection systems, circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters, making new homes a safer choice for concerned families.

A home that will age well and appreciate in value –
Research shows that often new homes appreciate more, as a percentage of original cost, than older homes. Even as a new home is being built, it is increasing in value, and will continue to increase as the rest of the community is being built.

Tony Amstutz

Tony Amstutz

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