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Kendall Overmyer

Kendall Overmyer

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Client Testimonial - 'Tale of 3 Realtors'

Tale of Three Realtors…..            

Hey Kendall,

I want to share with you "The Tale of 3 Realtors."

Yesterday morning I asked a few questions on the website about the property on Owl Pt.   2 other Realtors responded before you.

After I asked "Will you help me buy this property today?,

Realtor #1 told me he was busy all day, and would try to get back to me later (he was too busy to make some money).   He finally approached me about 3 pm, long after you had completed much of the work.

Realtor #2 received my text message early in the morning asking her to go look at the property for me.  She told me she thought it was too old and in poor condition, and too far from the VA Hospital I will be working at ( it's only 6 miles away).  

Since when does a Realtor know what the customer wants better than the customer?     This property is not super fancy or super large or super new, but it meets my needs.      It's got new carpet, new paint, fenced backyard for my dog, 2 car garage, and is in a good neighborhood.  It's more than enough space for 1 man with his dog, and an easy commute to the hospital.     I was planning on renting an apartment for $747 per month.   Now I will have NO rent, no mortgage, and only have to pay utilities, HOA, and taxes.    YIPPIE!  

Realtor #3 (you) took the time to CALL me, and also send a nice person-able email, and then go walk thru the property to inspect it.   She gave me feedback on condition and damage, took videos and photos, measured the fence, and also gave me info about the neighborhood.   She later gave me a list of comparable properties (which I was going to ask for anyway) to show me my property was in the right price range.    She researched the property taxes, created multiple versions of the contract, and even stayed up till 9 PM to receive and submit the offer documents.    She worked her butt off, and will make a nice commission as a result (effectively for 1 day work).

CONGRATULATIONS on setting yourself apart by going the extra mile, and getting the job DONE.    Your expertise, knowledge, experience, cordial dealings with me, hard work, persistence, and tenacity gave you the prize when others failed.     I am quite pleased, satisfied, and impressed!


Kindly and Respectfully,

Steven F.